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We offer our courses in-person, live online through Zoom and MS Teams and on-demand. Your staff can join us from anywhere in the world for live expert advice and training.

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Ready for Bear Season?

We can provide your staff with the training, protocols and equipment to increase their safety and reduce impacts on wildlife populations.

Industry Specific Courses

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Avoid negative encounters with wildlife at work

We offer certified programs in bear safety, bear spray and wildlife safety to ensure you meet the safety requirements for working on industrial sites.

Wildlife Awareness Training

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Bear Spray training can help prepare you.

By participating in our workshop, you will gain confidence in your ability to use bear spray.

Bear Spray Training

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Conflict reduction plans for cougars, coyotes and hoofed animals.

We can help plan and implement critical communication and outreach strategies to help make communities safe for people and wildlife.

Public Outreach & Education

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Careful management of bear & wildlife attractants is critical.

We work with biologists and wildlife managers, advisory committees, and multiple levels of government to engage all stakeholders in wildlife conflict reduction.

Public Outreach & Education

Education and training are key to living more harmoniously with wildlife.

We deliver bear safety programming and training to recreation groups, community organizations and industry.

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Time to train your staff?

Whether your staff need to recertify or are new to working in the outdoors, bear and wildlife safety training is a must.

Industry Specific Courses

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