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The biggest challenge we face in the Bow Valley is trying to balance human and wildlife conflicts. People far and near wish to hike and play in our prestige area which is populated with a vast variety of wildlife creating challenges for a balanced life style for humans and wildlife. I have had the unique opportunity to work with Kim in the private and public sector and unequivocally advocate her work in assisting us to meet the objectives of balance through education, innovation, and benchmarking various programs that reduce conflicts between humans and wildlife. There is no doubt in my mind that Kim’s hard work and efforts have reduced the mortality for humans and wildlife trying to co-exist in the Bow Valley. Worthy of mention being born and raised in the Bow Valley and taking so much for granted, I can personally ensure you the education programs that Kim has offered has expanded my knowledge and given me a new perspective on wildlife and natural beauty within the Bow Valley.

Gordie Miskow

Town of Canmore Councillor

Bear Safety & More Inc.

Edmonton, Alberta


Calgary, Alberta


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