Company Overview

Company Overview

Bear Safety & More was created out of an industry level need for credible bear and wildlife safety training and assessments for staff working in natural habitats.

All our services and products are designed, and delivered by university educated professional in the fields of wildlife biology, wildlife management, human-wildlife conflict and environmental education.  We only hire trainers and consultants with field experience working with bears and in human-wildlife conflict.

Creating a Gold Standard for Wildlife Safety in Industry

We are proud to be the only wildlife safety company in North America to provide this level of expertise to industries, communities and governments in Canada and the United States.

Our staff is continually upgrading our courses to include the latest research on bear and wildlife behaviour, management and ecology.  We also strive to provide you with expert scientific opinions and use regional research from the areas that you operate.

Online courses on bear safety are no longer industry standard due to increasing incidents and a recent human fatality at an industrial site.  Many companies are moving towards in-person workshops and practical bear spray training to ensure staff is engaged and retain knowledge and skills on how to reduce human-wildlife conflicts and handle encounters.

Alberta based, but North America wide

We are based in Alberta, but also provide services to Western Canada, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alaska, Montana and Wyoming.  Our clients range from global oil and gas companies to leading science and education operations such as National Geographic.

Join us on a Bear Adventure

Our founder, Kim Titchener lives and works in bear country.  Join Kim on her travels across North America’s best bear habitat to educate communities and industries on how to live with bears and other wildlife.





Tracking radio-collared grizzlies near Banff National Park

Tracking radio-collared grizzlies near Banff National Park

Relocating a food-conditioned black bear

Relocating a food-conditioned black bear